Saturday, January 22, 2011

Here we go! 2011!

Time to prepare for 2011... THANK GOD. Right now we are entirely focusing on dressage... Because, well, we suck. Stepp wil be 17 this April... I can't believe it. We're going to start him on Adequan come March, right now our schedule is:

1 day a week lesson, once a month a training ride instead of a lesson
2 days a week longing in side reins
2 days a week hacking
2 days a week convalescing

We've regressed horribly with our dressage... About 3 months back. So we'll get on track and aim for an event in May, hopefully either May Daze or the Winona H.T. at Stone Gate. I will try to get some videos and pictures soon so we can have visual aides on our (expected!) progress. I think my end goal is to try to get to AECs.... We'll see!

In the meantime... From December 19th...

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